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How to prepare a reluctant child to go to school after reopening

Richa Aggarwal
3 to 7 years

Created by Richa Aggarwal
Updated on Sep 16, 2020

How to prepare a reluctant child to go to school after reopening
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Lockdown has definitely made life different for all of us. Children are definitely one of the most affected groups. Their lives have changed drastically - with limited social interaction and online school & classes for months over months, it has posed many challenges for them.


However, reopening of schools further brings about another change in their lives. Children who have now gotten used to this lifestyle may find it difficult to return back to normalcy and to school. There are ways in which you can help your child get ready to return to school after reopening. And help them navigate their feelings during school reopening. They are bound to have complicated emotions and are bound to feel nervous and unwilling at first. There is a chance that children will experience feelings like stres, anxiety, fear and worry. 


Begin with explaining when and how the reopening of schools will happen and what will that mean. Explaining this well ahead in time will help them adjust better. Also, you need to keep checking how they are doing and how they are coping. Stay calm and keep having conversations with your child. Engage in creative activities like playing and drawing to lessen their anxiety. Before your child returns to school, check on his physical health and also keep an eye on their level of stress. Tell them it is okay to feel overwhelmed. Once your child returns to school, make sure there isn’t any bullying in school taking place. Take it easy without taking any stress.


Watch this as Psychologist Richa Aggarwal talks about preparing a reluctant child to go to school after reopening.


Watch the entire video with Psychologist Richa Aggarwal to know all about how to handle irritation, aggression in children and deal with it in an effective way and also how to structure their day.


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| Sep 16, 2020

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