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8 Protein-Rich Meal Ideas For Your Growing Child

Huda Shaikh
7 to 11 years

Created by Huda Shaikh
Updated on Mar 04, 2019

8 Protein Rich Meal Ideas For Your Growing Child

Protein is required by one and all. Be it a child or an adult, protein is required for various functions in the body. Be it building up of muscles, controlling biochemical reactions or aiding in the immune system it is simply capable of doing it all. Hence if you want to see your child grow up healthy, providing a protein-rich meal is of utmost importance. At least 15-20% of calories need to come from protein. So here are some amazing protein-rich meal ideas for your growing child.

Protein Enriched Meal Options For Your Growing Children

Take a closer look at the protein-rich meal ideas which you can give your child. Here are few amazingly delicious recipes for you to try on-

  1. Chickpeas pulav with pineapple raita-

    Simply give a twist to your normal pulav my adding some boiled chickpeas seasoned with salt, little black pepper and lemon. Add veggies like carrot, capsicum, cauliflower, boiled corn, French beans and boiled potato. Serve it with a raita made with yogurt and chopped pineapple pieces, add little sugar if you like and a hint of black pepper
  2. Chicken pasta with cheese served with roasted whole-

    Wheat sticks-Pasta is loved by most children especially when it has a hint of cheese in it. You can simply grill, roast or boil some chicken and add it to the pasta with veggies like tomato, capsicum and boiled broccoli or even yellow and red bell peppers. Season it with black pepper, rock salt and herbs. Sprinkle grated cheddar cheese. Pick roasted whole-wheat sticks from the market and serve
  3. Paneer Frankie with moong soup-

    Prepare a Frankie using a whole wheat chapati, add some sautéed veggies like capsicum, carrot, corn and tomato and add marinated paneer (you can add some turmeric, red chilli powder, curd, kasuri methi, salt and black pepper). You can prepare moong soup by adding some sprouted moong and vegetable stock. Season with black pepper powder and rock salt
  4. Sprouted Moong sandwich with hummus/hung curd dip-

    Take 2 slices of multigrain/whole wheat bread, apply some hung curd dip(dahi dip)/hummus (chickpeas dip),add in mashed potato and sprouted moong sprinkle chaat masala and you are good to go. You can either grill it or serve it as it is
  5. Veggie scrambled egg with cheese with soya-bean roti-

    Eggs are easy to prepare and easier to serve. Scramble eggs and add in veggies like tomato, onion, bell peppers and garnish with grated cheddar cheese. Serve with freshly prepared soya-bean roti
  6. Grilled chicken/paneer with sautéed veggies and rice-

    Marinate paneer/chicken with your favorite masalas and grill it on a skillet or a tawa to give it a grill effect. Saute veggies like cauliflower, capsicum,carrot,corn and purple cabbage. Sprinkle black pepper, herbs and rock salt. Serve it with freshly prepared brown rice/plain rice
  7. Black chana pattie burger with lemon mint water-

    Replace the outside burger with some boiled black chana burger, you can add it masalas of your choice and add veggies like tomatoes, onions and cucumber to the burger bread. Try searching for a whole wheat bread and you can apply some hung curd inside the bread if you like. Prepare some tangy nimbu pani and add handful mint leaves to it.
  8. Quinoa chicken/tofu khichdi with smoothie-

    Quinoa is extremely high in protein and hence you can add it to your little ones diet in the form of a salad or khichdi. Add veggies of your choice to the khichdi (tomato, carrots, french beans) and don’t forget to add a tsp of ghee to it. For the smoothie use some yogurt and add seasonal fruits and to glaze it add ½ tsp of honey to it. [Try: Quinoa(Soup, Upma) Recipes For Your Toddler]


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| Nov 26, 2018

is ragii soulful nutritious and healthy. I liked d taste. should it be given to kids . for healthy deit

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| Sep 22, 2018

Hi Meghna and Dev.. Thank you:) glad you liked it.

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| Aug 26, 2018

very nice n useful

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very beneficial information

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Meenakshi... Any specific reason why you feel honey and yogurt cannot be used ? would like to know.

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i dont think v can use honeyand yogurt together!

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| Apr 30, 2018

good recipes

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| Apr 05, 2018

nice recipes. it will really help. I give immuno booster too to my child. If sometimes my child skips lunch I give her immuno booster. she takes with lunch too

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very well-written!

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| Mar 16, 2018

good yummy recipes

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thnks fr sharing. it will be really useful fr me. plz try sharing sum more vegetarian quick recipes fr kids.

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healthy yummy recipes!

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