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Ram Navami - Tell Your Child All About Its Meaning

Aparna Jha
3 to 7 years

Created by Aparna Jha
Updated on Mar 25, 2018

Ram Navami Tell Your Child All About Its Meaning
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“Ma, why is Lord Ram everyone’s favourite?” asked the curious young one.

“The divine warrior, who sacrificed his kingdom and acknowledged exile for 14 years. The indefectible son who proved to be a man of his words, a caring brother as well as a peerless husband. The seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu is beyond comparison. He is an epitome of value and morals” said the mother.

India, a land of exquisite culture and traditions has a pursuit of diverse festivities. One such feast is Ram Navami which marks the birth anniversary of Lord Ram, celebrated during spring season. Educating the minor about mythology and ethnicity is imperative. Until and unless the juvenile are woven together with Indian rituals, we cannot fabricate a developed society. Man must always be attached to his roots.

Taking Lord Ram’s instance, you can set an ideal example for your toddler and motivate them to be a better version of themselves. Enlighten them to stay away from proudness no matter how much they achieve in life, avoid speaking lies, and never hurt others. Inform them to only focus on positive aspects of life, be generous to people and other living beings. Develop them to become a pleasing personality.

Rama Navami is an occasion to cherish and praise the humanity of Lord Ram. The nine days of chaitra nav raatri celebrations comes to an end with the joyous celebration of Ram Navami. For a week Ramayana is chanted in Hindu temples along with prayers recited. People do fasting, clean and decorate their homes; apart from this they offer fruit and flowers to the Holy God and seek for his blessings. Temples offer community meals to the people and events of charity are initiated for people in need.

Indians consider Lord Ram as a Hero as he was destined to be born for diminishing the evil and bringing integrity and peace to light. He restored virtue and humaneness back in the society. Folks like Lord Ram is the need of the hour, inculcating similar ethics and sense of honour in your little angel is essential.

A morally boosted society will certainly have the audacity to alter exclusion for acceptance and to defeat the unpleasant and calamitous. As well said by an anonymous; “the sun can bathe filth with its light, but the sunlight will never be tarnished”, similar should be our responsibility as a parent to coach our progeny to be a justified empathetically kind devotees of Lord Ram.

What made Lord Ram a victorious legend is that he never hurt the enemy who surrendered themselves to his feet. Nurture your offspring in an efficacious way so that they reflect and complement the values of Indian society and make you proud of the given upbringing. Let’s propagate the message of justice and equality for all. I believe that one day the Raavan in all of us will melt and the country will hail in love and unity.

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