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Shab-e-Baraat : Celebrate With Your Child

Zufeen Khan
3 to 7 years

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Updated on May 01, 2018

Shab e Baraat Celebrate With Your Child
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[Pro tip: Stay at home and connect on a video call with friends and relatives to celebrate safely.]

What Is Shab-e-Baraat –

Shab-e-Baraat is the night between 13-14th night of Sha’ban, the eight month of the Islamic calendar. It is a night of extreme importance as it is believed that fortunes for the whole of mankind, for the coming year, are decide on this night. It is also believed that God may forgive sinners on this night. On this night, Allah writes down all the fortunes and destinies of men, depending upon the deeds committed by them in the past year.

History of Shab-e-Baraat –

Shab-e-Baraat is known as The Night of Forgiveness, or of Atonement. In Arabic, it is known as Lailatul Bara'at, meaning the night of emancipation. In Persian, ‘Shab’ stands for ‘night’ and ‘Barat’ stands for ‘the night of commission or assignment’.

Although, there’s no direct mention of this day in the Holy Quran; there are however few verses which talk about this night. Few Hadiths, which are sayings and teaching of Prophet Muhammad (PBHU) also talk about this pious night.

How You Can Celebrate Shab-e-Baraat With Your Child –

These are few things that are practised on this night, and you and your child can peronalize them in your own way -

  1. Streets and home are lightened up with ferry light, and candles to celebrate this auspicious night. You and your child can DIY lanterns and candles together. Not only will you spend time together, but your child will also learn in a fun way!
  2. There’s a ritual of distributing sweets, especially ‘halwas’ with neighbours, and relatives. You and your child can make sweets at home and can share it with friends and family. You’ll get to spend more time with your child while preparing sweets, and distributing them. Bonding over food is a great idea! Isn't it?
  3. Muslims all across the globe make prayers on this night. Men of the family visit graveyards to pay homage to the deceased, and make prayers for them. The whole family sits and worships together. You can do the same with your child. It will be such a peaceful experience, for both you and your child. Sitting and chanting. Isn’t it?
  4. Streets are illuminated with lights, decors and some places also perform fire-works and crackers at night. You can take your child to the fire-work show, to give them a colourful experience. Imagine the joy filling in your child as soon as s/he witness the sky lighting up with crackers!
  5. New clothes are worn on this night and everybody meets and greets each other. You can buy new clothes for your child, and make them wear it when you and your child go to distribute sweets

This night marks the fifteenth day of Sha’ban and falls fifteen days before the commencing of the holy month of Ramadan. Muslims all around the globe observe this night with utmost respect and importance. They pray for fortunes, repent for their sins and prepare themselves for Ramadan. A much know day of importance, Shab-e-Baraat holds great importance for Muslims all across the globe. Tell your child the story and educate him/her about different religions and their rituals.

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