Sleeping Positions During Pregnancy

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Updated on Oct 08, 2020

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Can I Sleep On My Stomach During Pregnancy?

When you are in the early stage of pregnancy, the answer is yes, provided you are comfortable with the position. During the most of the first trimester of pregnancy, your little baby, is very small to give you the feeling of a "bump". Especially in the first trimester, you will hardly feel its presence in a big and neither would others. So sleeping on your stomach should be alright during the early stage of pregnancy. And if you are worried about the baby, be assured that your baby is well-cushioned inside the layers of amniotic sac. Uterus is one of the strongest muscles in a woman’s body since it can carry a human being for 9 months. Hence it offers great security and protection to your baby as far as external injuries are concerned. So it is fine to sleep on your stomach during the first trimester if you are used to it otherwise. Just be conscious that you take a donut shaped pillow, so that you can support your belly properly. But as the pregnancy progress you need to be careful about the sleeping positions.

Watch the video here as our seniour Gynaecologist Doctor Pooja Mittals explains the right sleeping position for you.

Watch the entire video on Women's Health & Complications During Pregnancy.

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