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Started To Inculcate Good Habits

Shweta Singhvi

Created by Shweta Singhvi
Updated on Aug 14, 2021

 Started To Inculcate Good Habits
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You only realize how right your parents were when you say the same things to your child as a parent!! 


While the West has glorified turmeric latte now, our grandparents and parents have been advocating it for centuries for its innumerable benefits. 


With how things are evolving around us, personal health and immunity have been a top priority for me and I have started to inculcate good habits for all the members of my family.


While turmeric aka turmeric is a household spice and widely used, its very difficult to get hold of pure, unadulterated turmeric with high content of Curcumin in it (the active immunity-boosting ingredient of turmeric) 


Curcumin is the chemical compound in Haldi, known for its immunity, anti-inflammatory, and healing properties. It is mostly used in its pure form in the supplement and nutraceuticals industries. But Curcumin on its own is not easily absorbed by our digestive system, hence it is formulated with piperine (a chemical compound found in black pepper) to provide better absorption than kitchen Haldi.   


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