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Learnings From The Success Story Of The Golden Girl - Swapna Barman

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Updated on Aug 20, 2020

Learnings From The Success Story Of The Golden Girl Swapna Barman
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Hailing from a small district of Jalpaiguri from the state of West Bengal, the story of Sapna Barman is quite inspiring and motivating. The talented youngster has had to deal with one hardship after another but she kept her calm till she claimed gold for India in the Asian Games 2018.

As parent, narrating such success stories keep the children motivated and helps to build positive outlook towards life. Moreover, being a real life story, it all the more help them to work harder towards achieving their goals. Here is the journey of the gold girl.


Sapana Barman’s Early Life

Swapna comes from a humble background from North Bengal. She was born with twelve toes on her feet. As she grew up the hardships and struggle to deal with the rare condition of her feet further agonized.  She couldn’t find a pair of shoes which could fit to 12 toes nor had the money to be able to get a customised one made. Eventually she is forced to wear regular shoes. But her grit and determination knew no bounds and she managed to give impeccable performance in Youth Nationals in 2014. Post her performance she was further coached to appear for International games and represent India.

Despite Physical Challenges She Chose The Toughest Of All

Sapna is a heptathlon athlete.  Heptathlon is an athletic event, in particular for women, in which each women-competitor takes part in the same prescribed seven events viz 100 metres hurdles, high jump, shot-put, 200 metres, long jump, javelin, and 800 metres race. It is considered to be toughest and needs great amount of stamina, focus and physical strength.


Financial Conditions Doesn’t Determine Your Success

Swapna Barman didn’t have a concrete house and her father is bedridden. With no finances she had to face some really grilling situations which made her all the more determined to achieve success. She had undergone many injuries owing to her physical condition of toes and lack of sports resources available to her. But she coped from all of them and continued her journey to Asian Games 2018.


The Only Disability One Has Is Mental Attitude

She had faced injuries due to her two extra toes and had no money to get a customised shoe designed from a foreign manufacture, but she continued her journey keeping her focus unchanged and non-waivered.  What is most motivating is that she had never complained of her circumstances and continued to take over hardships and challenges. In an instance when she was appearing for Asian Games right before winning the gold for India, she had tremendous pain in her tooth but she continued to take part in the games by tying up her jaw with a cotton strip.

Her father has been bedridden from quite some time now and with such intense and stressful circumstances both physically and mentally, she had made to the Asian Games which is truly incredible and makes us proud.

The extraordinary strength and fortitude displayed by the Sapna Barman is truly incredible and stupendous. We hope that she continues to win more golds for the nation and make us proud.




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| Oct 01, 2021

She had undergone many injuries owing to her physical condition of toes and lack of sports resources available to her. -

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