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Sweet treats your child will love...

Ravneet Kaur
1 to 3 years

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Sweet treats your child will love

Are you at a loss for what sweets and desserts to give your child at the end of each day? Well – look no further! Our Proparent blogger Ravneet Kaur shares some innovative ideas for healthy and nutritious, delicious and filling desserts. These are so easy to prepare you will truly be surprised! These great desserts will have your little one licking their fingers with joy, while eagerly finishing their food! Read on for more about… • Child-friendly pineapple cake • Butterscotch and mango delight • Greek yogurt and assorted fruit swirl • Different flavoured milkshakes with chocolate s’mores

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Kelvina Simon

| Jul 21, 2017

my child bottle feeder how to remove this habit . I want he should drink normal milk

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Nisha Bansal

| Jul 18, 2017

XT can

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