TeenSpeak: Teens share why some children take extreme steps on not doing well in exams.

Neetu Ralhan
11 to 16 years

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TeenSpeak Teens share why some children take extreme steps on not doing well in exams

TeenSpeak is a series of blogs that aim to capture and share with parents the views and opinions of teenagers regarding issues that matter to them. This is an attempt to understanding our adolescents just a little bit better. Just in case you missed it, here’s the first blog in the series: TeenSpeak: Teens Share Why They Resort to Lying (

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| Feb 02, 2016

Neetu I am glad u shared this. My daughter is studying in grade X and though as much as I try to stay supportive and open minded ou but oft fall back to the high parental expectation pattern. As kids these days are already stressed about so many more things than us,we need to be first and foremost in relieving them of their pressures and providing them the relaxed n calm feel at home,only very tenderly guiding them without being pushy. Tnx for this very timely reminder and will look forward to your enriching blogs!

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Roohi Rajapkar

| Oct 12, 2015

This is indeed a great share... as parents sometimes we don't realise that we should not pressurerise our children instead help them in achieving what they like doing our dreams through them nd in the bargain burdening them is very wrong.

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| Mar 28, 2014

This is an eye opener Neetu. It is so clear that we, as parents put so much pressure on our child to do well, to take up subjects of our choice and they oblige. I think it is a vicious cycle and it needs to end now. We need to support, guide and motivate our children so that we dont burden them with our expectations and wishes. Thanks for sharing this :)

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