The Day I Conquered ‘Laundry’ – A Mom’s Story

Cheena M Gujral
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Updated on Oct 12, 2018

The Day I Conquered Laundry A Moms Story
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Starting from packing tiffins in the morning to bedtime stories, a simple yet tactful day is in every mother's lap. An ordinary routine of a woman has so much and so many things to do. In between all the juggles to cook and serve, comes the task of laundry. Hey!! It's not just a concept of washing and drying, it's a big-time job when you live in cubic boxes - I mean those four-walled homes called ‘Apartments’, where balconies aren’t that airy to take your wet clothes and you end up putting them all around inside the apartment under a fan. This scenario worsens up when it's rain time.

Similar is my story with two extremely fussy kids, a hygiene-freak husband, and elders at home who want their clothes to be washed regularly. Towels, denims and scribed bed sheets are not less than a nightmare. Clothes-clothes everywhere is the scene at my place. Even the guest room caters to drying laundry more than hosting guests. Spread trousers, wrinkled shirts and those tiny-miny kids’ tees always cover my furniture.

An embarrassing incident still gives me stomach crunches. One fine day, all of a sudden, guests appeared at my place! My home looked not less than a dry-cleaning store that day! There was literally no space where I can make the guests sit. The silly small cloth-stand at home seemed too tiny to hold clothes for 5 family members. Like a squirrel collecting acorns, I gathered scattered garments. I was completely exhausted and desperately wanted to sort the clutter! My warm house nest was a complete mess just because I didn't have enough space to laundry.

That day, I decided not to be dependent on just sunshine for my laundry needs and I consulted my friends. They advised me of introducing a tumbler dryer to my family. I started my research, did my homework, and went to a nearby digital store. Out of many, the automatic dryer from Bosch seemed to suit my needs the most – I zeroed in on the Bosch dryer.

This drying machine is a rescuer for me. Now I just need to push a button to start the whole process and wind up the chaos in minutes. Drying the clothes in this dryer is a boon for me. No mess, no debris of clothes, and just a sorted house. My guest lounge is back to life too! I no more worry for the unexpected guests and the balcony now looks sorted.

I would really like to recommend this bosch dryer to all the mommies out there, who are spending half of their day in laundry activities besides those heaps of dirty clothes pilling up.

A big thumbs up to bosch dryer to lend me those extra hands to manage my laundry issues. My clothes are quickly ready and easily managed. They are dried with best of hot air technology, which is affordable and also safe on clothes. So just not think, take things to your the laundry boss!


Disclaimer: This blog is sponsored by Bosch and is and for information purpose only. 

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| Nov 15, 2018


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