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Theatre Groups Your Little Actor May Be Interested In

Urvashi Shah
7 to 11 years

Created by Urvashi Shah
Updated on Apr 08, 2018

Theatre Groups Your Little Actor May Be Interested In

Is your child already getting bored and still have a couple of months left for the vacation? If yes then you can enrol your child in various classes that will enable him/her to showcase the talent hidden underneath. If your child has always adored actors and actresses on screen, it is time that your child starts to pursue the same through the medium of drama. Child theatre is the best way to engage your child in performing arts right from a young age. There are various theatre groups for your child, which he/she can be a part of.

The Little Theatre

‘The Little Theatre’ is one of India’s leading non-profit theatre companies for children, which was established in 1991 by Aysha Rau. Aysha believes that children must be a part of creative field in order to enhance their talents apart from the academics. The workshops are created by professionals, which include dance, drama, arts, crafts, mime, music, poetry, puppet, photography, magic and even 3-D projects. Encouraging children between the ages of 5 to 15, this theatre group is the best for your child to be a part of, which will cater to his/her overall development.

Actor Prepares

The Children’s workshop at Anupam Kher’s ‘Actor Prepares’ follows the ‘Play-way’ style of teaching by engaging them in play-like situations to develop their imagination and creative skills. Children are taught not only to use their minds but also their bodies thereby imparting in them expressive abilities and self-confidence. Benefits of theatre group for child Being a part of a theatre group is beneficial for your child in a number of ways as listed below-

  1. Self expression:

    Attending theatre class will help your child seek various skills that will be useful for him/her throughout the life. Improving self confidence is one thing that your child will sure learn through a theatre group. Drama can help your child to acquire skills to help in these situations because games and exercises used in many drama classes nurture spontaneity and the ability to 'think on your feet'
  2. Part of a group:

    A drama class will teach your child how to be a part of a group and work in harmony. Basically, your child will learn the importance and value of team work to get a task done right. Leadership skills will also be developed of your child by being a part of a dynamic group right from a young age
  3. New friendships:

    Some children are great at making friends while some are shy and have a tough time at the same. Thus, being a part of a theatre group will enable your child to make new friends from various age groups, which will also instil a sense of working in harmony with each other

These are the various benefits of theatre for child development, which is why you should invoke the interest in your child by stating the various kinds of fun and learning he/she will have during the course.

The purpose of child theatre is for the overall development of the child from a young age. It is essential to immerse the child’s brain in creative activities to enhance scientific and analytic skills. If children are exposed to additional performance arts, they will actually be working toward more effective thought processes. This also teaches a child to think creatively through imagination. Since drama involves being in the shoes of someone else, it will help your child to experience life from a different perspective altogether. Communication is another aspect wherein your child will see progress since theatre involves working with a number of children from various age groups. Your child will make new friends also.

These are the various importance of child theatre, which will surely persuade you to enrol your child in a theatre group right away. Choose the best group for your child and see his/her talents overflow with overall development being polished in the right away.

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| Apr 02, 2018

Do you know any in org in Bangalore & Pune (For my SIL)

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| Mar 30, 2018

thank u fr such useful info.. plz provide contact details of these org

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| Mar 29, 2018

Is this type of theater in Bangalore?

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| Mar 29, 2018

Where is this in delhi. ?

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| Mar 29, 2018

very help ful comment solved many things in mind can i know where is work shop in mumbai

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| Mar 29, 2018

where is this in nagpur

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| Mar 28, 2018

I am also looking for a theatre group for my girl. this blog answers many queries. thanks for sharing it

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