10 Things You Should Keep Away From Your Toddler

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10 Things You Should Keep Away From Your Toddler
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Having a little toddler in the house is fun but also hectic due to the kind of mess your baby makes with toys scattered all around the house. You love to buy all sorts of toys for your little one, only to realize that he/she loves to play with other items lying in the household. No matter how many best development toys you bring for your child, he/she is often reaching out for the plastic wrapper, a remote control, keys and so on. Toddlers have the habit of gnawing on whatever comes in to their hands, which is why parents must be vigilant at all times. Read on to find out about the things you need to make sure don’t find their way into your toddler’s hands.

Things You Must Keep Out of Your Toddler’s Reach

There are many household things that you should not let your child play with as it might turn out to be harmful for his/her health and even fatal in certain cases. Here is a list of things parents should keep away from their toddler:

1. Metal keys: Keys are sure attractive to a child due to the shine and jiggling sounds they make and with the fact that how perfectly they fit in to the hands of your little one.

  • Keys are made from brass or nickel plated brass, with some amount of lead in the same.
  • They tend to be stuck in dirty and greasy areas, making them a threat to your child if put in the mouth.
  • Keys also have sharp edges, which can be harmful in many ways. Thus, you need to keep the keys in your home at a distance where it will be impossible for your child to reach.
  • You can also replace the regular metal keys with plastic keys, which come in varied colours for your child.

2. Remote controls: Those tiny and soft colourful buttons in a remote control are the perfect combo to lure your child every time he/she lays his/her eyes on. Unfortunately, remotes are made up of many small parts, and some still use coin-size lithium ion batteries, which could be fatal if ingested.

3. Pet toys and equipments: If you have a pet in the house, a lot of pet toys and pet food dishes will be lying around, which can pose a threat to your child. Pet toys and dishes carry a lot of bacteria, which can pass on to your child. This is why you need to be careful about this and not let your child linger near them.

4. Baby lotions: Toddlers love to squeeze and toss around the bottles of lotions, which come in attractive packaging.

  • Although most baby lotions are completely harmless, playing with them isn't a good habit to encourage.
  • Little children have the habit of putting things in their mouth and lotions are sure not a good thing to suck on.
  • Hence, it is the best to keep the bottles away from your child where he/she cannot reach. You can put the tubes and bottle away immediately after use

5. Piles of laundry: Mini heaps of soft clothes in the house makes a perfect playground for your child. Even you could be thinking what harm a pile of clothes can cause to your child.

  • But dirty laundry often has bacteria on it from bodily fluids and hence should be avoided.
  • Since your toddler is at a developing stage, you must keep away the pile of laundry, which can lead to allergies in your child.

6. Small round things: In a household your toddler can easily find small round things such as buttons, coins, earrings, small toys, nuts and bolts, raw lentils and so on, which he/she can easily put in the mouth.

  • These things when put in the mouth can cause choking and can prove to be fatal also.
  • Make sure you keep your house neat and clean to avoid these tiny items come in contact with your child.
  • Also, when buying toys for your child, make sure not to invest in little pieces of figurines.

7. Sharp objects: Hairpins, scissors, toothpicks, forks, razors and even some toys have sharp edges, which can poke your child anywhere. Basically, anything that is too small can be dangerous for your child.

8. Hot stuff: Hot beverages, cooking oil, iron and so on when left hot and unattended can be harmful for your child. Never leave any hot stuff unattended before your child or he/she might even suffer from burns.

9. Medicines: Medicines are a part of any household and must be kept away from a child’s reach. Your child can break the bottle or even suck on the tubes and bottles and might come in contact with certain medicines, which can lead to a reaction.

10. Electric and glass items: Open electrical sockets and any other electrical items must be kept out of your child’s reach as a possibility of getting a shock is always there. Glass items too can be broken by your child and the tiny pieces of glass can pierce in to your child’s body, causing bleeding and might even be fatal in some cases.

These are the list of items that you must keep away from your child. If you have any other objects, which you consider to be a threat for your child, make sure they are kept out of your child’s reach quickly. The safety of your child should be your first priority.

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