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Skull Breaker Challenge Game Viral - Why You Should Keep An Eye On Your Teenager

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Created by Narayan
Updated on Feb 20, 2020

Skull Breaker Challenge Game Viral Why You Should Keep An Eye On Your Teenager
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Dangerous games tend to find children, especially teenagers as their earliest adopters. Very recently, a few dangerous challenges and games became popular, especially among teenagers, which put their lives at risk. It's important to understand and find ways to keep your teen safe from such lethal and harmful thrills. We have listed important steps you may take and things you can do to keep your teen safe from such temptations.

Do you remember the times from your school days, when the most fun was from small thrills. Some of these could be seen across generations when somebody pulled the chair from a friend about to sit on it and then most of the students laughed as the one about to sit fell. There is a thin line of safety in such small thrills and it's important to never let it go to a life-threatening stage of fun. However, the definition of fun changes with time, and in various age groups. With an heightened exposure to media, some of these games and events seem to have crossed that fine line of safety and have started posing dangers for children today.

Skull Breaker Challenge Viral On TikTok

Blue Whale challenge, Momo challenge, Kiki challenge, and the latest entry to the list of these dangerous games is the ‘skull-breaker’ challenge. The only difference being that the name itself introduces the true character of the game; it is a skull breaking game.

What is Skull Breaker Challenge?

Three youngsters standing side by side attempt to jump together. The only difference is that the two on each side would not jump and focus on kicking the legs of the centre one from under her/him as s/he comes down to land. 

Depending on the softness (hardness) of the surface where this possibly fatal jump is attempted, the victim can end up suffering a concussion to a more painful fracture to the wrist or, the worst case, to the skull. Sadly enough, we are alarmed that most videos doing the rounds on social media have been performed on concrete floors. 

The challenge has already cut the lives short for three unlucky participants. Hard to understand, how can even it be any fun for those who were watching. So, who is exactly watching these videos for fun! 

How Can You Alert Your Teenager?

If the circulating videos are to be believed even adults are not safe from the temptation. But, teenagers are more prone to trying such things, as their are still learning to get a hold on temptations, which such challenges provide aplenty. 

Teenagers can get tempted by the instant fame they can get on social media by getting their video popular. Couple this with their ability to make the right judgement in such occasions being influenced by peer pressure and you have a toxic mix capable of landing them in trouble at the least. When it comes to warning a teenager, it is highly likely to produce exactly the opposite result. So, helping your teenager in their judgement can be tricky.

What you need to do is to appeal to their reasoning self and help them understand that a fracture at the base of the skull (Basilar fracture) can be life-threatening, or at least impair their normal active lives for a long time.

Even if attempted on a softer surface, gym cushions, trampoline or with head protection, possibility of a neck sprain, or a muscle rupture is very real and can't be protected with precautions like a helmet or a softer surface. Even on such surfaces, the falling person may not be able to avoid  the fall using their hands, as it may still result in a fracture or a severe sprain. And all this for what ! If it is social recognition and popularity they seek, share your advice with them and continue to counsel them on the importance of doing the right thing. So, better talk to your teenager, make her/him understand the risks and help them understand the cost before they attempt any such challenges.

We understand that it's tougher than ever to keep a tab of all such challenges on the internet, given the exposure your child has to media today. This is why, we will continue to keep a strong vigil on any such activities, which surface globally, and shall continue to do our best to keep the parentune parents' network alert and informed. Please listen and speak to your child daily and do share with us anything you think, you would like to report and alert fellow parents on. Take care!

This content has been checked & validated by Doctors and Experts of the parentune Expert panel. Our panel consists of Neonatologist, Gynecologist, Peadiatrician, Nutritionist, Child Counselor, Education & Learning Expert, Physiotherapist, Learning disability Expert and Developmental Pead.

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