Travelling with Children

Tips to make train and road travel with children easier

3 to 7 years

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Tips to make train and road travel with children easier

Couldn’t be truer for parents who travel with young children! Travelling with children takes a little bit of planning to be successful and if done well, the journey itself becomes as rewarding as the actual vacation. In this part of the blog, I share some tips you may find useful when travelling with children by train or by road.

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simran sharma

| Jun 11, 2015

Nice tips. Feeling the fun :)

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Charuta Modak

| Jan 01, 2015

Nabamita, some tips for you: (if the kid is above 2-2. 5 yrs old)talking with them describing where are we going n what would be doing, also taking inputs from them as to what they visualize about the journey or time that the kid would be spending now in the new place, if u r in car can start some of their fav nursery rhymes, or songs that they like, if possible can take a new toy(not expensive) so that he or she gets busy exploring it, telling stories. Hope it helps you. Do share any of your tips which proved helpful to you.

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| May 15, 2014

nice article anurima however kids these days unlike us are nt interested to look at the fields and it becomes diffcult to manage them the entire journey any tip for this.

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| Aug 17, 2013

Very well thought out practical and useful tips !!

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