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Vitamin D: Why is important for your child?

Foram Modi
3 to 7 years

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Vitamin D Why is important for your child

Did you know that 65%-70% of Indian people are deficient in vitamin D? A deficiency in this essential vitamin can lead to weak bones, rickets, peripheral arterial disease and low natural immunity. It is important we understand the dangers of vitamin D deficiency, what might cause it in babies, and the benefits of this wonder vitamin for you and your children – which is why our Proparent blogger Foram Modi is going to tell you about – • How to protect your baby from vitamin D deficiency • Natural sources of vitamin D, and how important it is to get a lot of sunshine! • The key benefits of vitamin D for children–how it protects them against rickets, strengthens their bones, teeth and natural immunity • How vitamin D is essential for new mothers who are breastfeeding • How getting some sunshine and exercise can help new mothers increase their vitamin D levels Read on for more information on this wonder vitamin and how it benefits you and your child…

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Shikha Batra

| Sep 23, 2017

I completely agree, VItamin D is a wonder vitamin and I am all praise for it after reading this blog. . thank u foram modi for sharing this informative blog ..

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| Aug 28, 2017

Is there any supplement which i can give to my child as she is very choosy in food??

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Ashu Amar Dahiya

| Aug 06, 2017

Very informative article

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Mrinal Sinha

| Aug 05, 2017

Thanks a lot foram modi .

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Hashada Gogate

| Jul 31, 2017

Thanks a lot. very informative article. I would like to ask a query here. is vitamin D useful to grow the height of children? As I have said that it help in absorption of calcium. alongwith strenghtning of bones is it useful in overall growth? My son is 8 years old but his height is growing at a very lower rate. I am giving him calcium n iron. He ur also very active n having a good immune system . But I am very upset where his height is concerned. please suggest me something in that regard... thank you so much...

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puloma pandey

| Jul 27, 2017

Informative blog thanx a lot.

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foram modi

| Jul 27, 2017

Yes yes y not please go ahead

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Savita Pawar

| Jul 27, 2017

can I expose my 9 month baby to sunlight everyday.. ?

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