Wishing everyone a Happy Easter

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Wishing everyone a Happy Easter
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When you think of Easter, some of the images that immediately come to mind are happy children, bright colourful painted Easter eggs, and of course the yummy edible ones (hmmm...) and last but not the least, the long weekend chutti due to Good Friday and then Easter. But while we all have the fun around the festive time, let us give a moment to the story behind Easter.
The Story
Easter is an important festival in the Christian calendar and is celebrated to honour Christ’s resurrection. According to the story, Jesus was crucified and buried on Friday (now referred to as Good Friday) but on Sunday when some of his followers went there to pay homage at his tomb, his body had vanished. This reinstated the fact that Christ was indeed God’s son and that God himself had brought him back to help his followers and pardon the sins of the wrong doers. With this lovely story behind the festival, it seeks to strengthen our belief in God and the fact that he will come to his followers when they need him.
The celebrations
Easter celebrations start over a month before. In some parts of the world, 40 days of abstinence is observed leading to the Easter Sunday. The week leading to the Easter Sunday is referred to as the Holy Week where each day commemorates some event that happened to Jesus—his coming to the city of Jerusalem, sharing the last meal with his disciples etc.
Christians over the world get together on these days at the church for a mass and remember Jesus and the supreme sacrifice he made for his disciples.
The symbols
Easter Lilies: Ever wondered why those gorgeous big blooms of lily got their name ‘Easter Lily’ from? Besides the fact that they grow in this season, the white ones also symbolize the purity of Jesus.
Hot cross Buns: These yummy sweet buns traditionally have a cross made of icing on them symbolizing the crucifixion.
Easter Bunny: The Easter Bunny (also called the Easter Rabbit or Easter Hare) is a fantasy character depicted as a rabbit bringing Easter eggs. Originating in Germany, the Easter Hare was the judge who decided whether children were good or disobedient at the start of the season. Some Christians also believe that the rabbit symbolizes new life particularly in relation to the resurrection of Jesus.
Easter Basket: In stories, the Easter Bunny carries colored eggs in his basket, candy and sometimes also toys to the homes of children who have been good to reward them. The baskets are prepared and decorated in homes and kept there so that the Easter Bunny can come and lay his eggs in it as a reward to the good children.
Easter Parade: This probably has no religious significance except for the fact that people come together to celebrate and show off their spring collection!
Easter Eggs: The most symbolic of all symbols, Easter Egg represents the resurrection of Christ. It is said to signify the empty tomb. Colorful candies shaped like an egg throng the market in this season and are a delight to munch on especially for the sweet toothed.
How Easter is celebrated
Easter is celebrated across the world. In some churches, the priest washes the feet of the people to commemorate Christ’s gesture and humility. Schools hold the egg roll or the egg hunt races in which children are supposed to roll a hard boiled egg to the finish line with a spoon or look for hidden eggs. Also, shops are lighted up cheerfully and sell all varieties of Easter symbols. Elders in the family give children gifts very like Christmas. People attend the mass together and remember God and his messages to humanity.
At the end of the day, it is rounded up with a prayer to God thanking Him for being around us and helping us as well as promising him to do and be good. A Happy Easter to everyone.

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| May 03, 2014

Thank you Ankita for enlightening us with this :)

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