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Updated on May 08, 2012

My daughter ( 5 ½) really wants to learn guitar but I don’t know what is the right age to send her for the lessons . Can any one help??

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| Oct 20, 2012

Got to meet a Guitar teacher from a reputed Music academy today and they happened to share that they don't encourage children younger than 10 years taking guitar lessons... that is because "playing the Guitar requires a lot of finger coordination and younger kids' fingers are not fully developed to reach the last string. "

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| Oct 16, 2012

Hi Anurag, why not let her try once. You could arrange a trial class or two for her where she could get an idea what its really going to be like. Who knows she may just find her calling :).. I believe one thing that keeps us parents from registering for new classes is that you end up paying and the child may lose interest after a while, and that does happen, it has happened with me when out of sheer excitement I ended up enrolling my kid in things he did not pursue for long. but we learn ! So look for a trial class, observe her through it and you will also figure out if she is a born guitarist or simply wanting to explore something new :)

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