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behaviour of the child infront of his or her friends and relatives

7 to 11 years

Created by Shraddha Chowdhary
Updated on Sep 23, 2016

emotional behaviour of child in front of everyone

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| Sep 25, 2016

hi Shraddha Chowdhwry!I understand your concerns and appreciate you for being so understanding and so supportive towards your child. it's advisable to help her open up with u by being her friend and work on the bond that u two share. spend some exclusive moments with her by taking her for a walk everyday or joining some activity with her like sports or dance , learning a musical instrument with her etc. this shall bridge the gap and bring her closer. discuss with her how her day was at school and if she is not willing to share don't nag her and wait till she is ready to approach u on her own and open up. praise her for being so understanding and such a lovely daughter. hug her often . tell her how special she is to u. Surprise her with her favorite dish, her favorite movie or gifts. I am sure she will have a one-on-one with u and share her heart out with u and with others too. Respect her views , praise her for sharing these. all this shall help her build her self Confidence and motivate her to have a say without being fearful of the reaction. hope this helps!

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| Sep 25, 2016

as my child is very emoitional.. but she does not show in front of everyone . she keep it to herself though she suffers a lot.. being her mother i had to understand by myself what she is facing

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| Sep 23, 2016

Hi Shraddha it would be really helpful if you be clear on what do you want to know about the emotional behaviour of the child in front of everyone.

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