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3 to 7 years

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Ok here are responses to your questions.. 1) bullying at school? Ans) no, not many times but at times, I feel it's common among kids  and I taught her to face. But I think my daughter is not at all self defensive.. She would always take wrong blames on her and never speak up which might put her in trouble. I Am Afraid..   2)behavioural change? Ans) no she is hyper at home.. Even outsiders if she gets used to she is comfortable. But I say at least say hello to stranger or a new person when they confront her n talk to her.. At school she has good set of frens and talks a lot but when she confronts same frens in front of us( parents) she acts as if they are strangers.. I big why arises in me..   3)changes after younger one? Ans) yes because I felt she was possessive but when counselled by my mom she was back to normal I thought but not very sure.. Changes might have taken place then..   4)relationship with younger brother? Ans) very good.. They play together a lot these days. What I analyze is she us very dominant as well as he but she plays happily until he obeys all her commands and rules, the moments he disobeys the game is over and the fight starts.. But at the end I would say they both are very sensitive ans sensible..   5)friends? Ans) yup she has lot of friends at school n neighbour hood... But same starting trouble. No self initiative from her, I introduce then n then she starts to play.... 6) behavioural problems? Ans)  temper tantrums? Yes at times when she is not given chance to speak or express her feelings or asked to do what she doesn't want but at the end she does it.. But when handled with lots of love and care she does everything very nicely no temper nothing   Sleep disturbances? No not at all. She had bet wetting issue.. Which she recently has overcome.. Good deep sleep .. Sleeps separately in her own room on a bunk bed..   Attention seeking? Hmmm at times may be I feel all the kids have such behaviour ..   Nail biting  NO   So for now I am done with describing her more.. Thanks a lot for dealing it so nicely.. Need any more information please feel free to egg back to me Thank you  Sent from my iPad On Jan 24, 2014, at 4:39 AM, "parentune. com" <alert@parentune. com> wrote: Dear Parent, Message: Hi Hasita! rn I am afraid the information is far too limited to comment accurately about this. Yet, I would like you to find out if the child is experiencing any bullying in school. Has her behaviour changed only to outsiders or does she prefer talking less even at home? Have you noticed this change only after her younger sibling was born? What is her relationship with he younger brother? Does she have friends in school and in the neighbourhood or is she interacting with only adults? Does she have other behaviour problems such as temper tantrums, sleep disturbances, attention seeking behaviours, nail biting etc. ,?Answering these questions will give me a better perspective in helping out. rn Warm regards, rn Dr. Ann Sender : Parentune Expert 

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