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Created by Mona Tandon
Updated on Feb 01, 2017

hello my child is 3 years old he get cough and cold easily last full month he was sick and didn't attend the school and know he has lack of concentration in class not doing writing work only he plays but not stick to one thing.

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| Feb 20, 2017

about less interest in written work of my daughter she is five years old

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| Feb 02, 2017

sticking shapes and colouring activity with your child consistently will make your child happy by increasing the attention span.. try it out.. you will have fun too

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| Feb 02, 2017

Hi mona, cough and cold is a common problem for kids in the age of 3 as they are yet to build their strong immune system. All you can do us everyday make it a point to include lot of vegetable and fruits in the firm of soups or juices or salads. ease take your time out to do this in tasty healthier way. This will gradually improve immune system. Secondly at the age of 3 we cannot expect the child to concentrate in things they do. They are bound to have less capacity to concentrate. If teachers say this to you in school about your child just ignore. Please take your time and sit with your child and read or tell lot of stories. bubbles and pepper are excellent for this. sit in front of the mirror with your child and tell stories or play games.. During this time your son has to see u only in mirror n play. This helps a lot to get the child into focus in playful method. One important thing to handle all the problem you face with your child is to have your time dedicated to him and keep yourself chill n calm when you are with your child.

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| Feb 01, 2017

Hii Mona for cold u include in his massage :mustered oil ,garlic ,pinch of ajwain n hing .. massage with luke warm oil.. give him at least two almond early in d morning ..

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