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Heritage or Shriram for Nursery admission 2017-18

3 to 7 years

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Updated on Oct 07, 2016

hi pro-parents, I'm a very blessed, but confused mother today.. our child has got admission in both Shriram and Heritage and we are now at the end of our wits debating the pros and cons of each school.. your inputs would be very welcome on which is a more suitable option, and why.. special call out to parents who have seen both schools closely..

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| Oct 09, 2016

hi Dhamini ! congratulations to u. I understand it's a very difficult decision to take especially when it's pertaining to your child . it's advisable to take feedback from parents whose children are already studying in these schools. also consider other factors such as A . distance from home B. personal attention given to child C. teachers qualification D. curriculum followed E. communication between school and parents F. safety of the child G. overall environment of the school. Dhamini I am sure u would make the right call! ! all the best!

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