Hi... my son is 16 months old.. n now he's suffering from cold n cough.. pls suggest some effective home remedies or ayurvedic tips...

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Updated on Oct 31, 2018

cold n cough

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| Nov 26, 2018


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| Nov 25, 2018

A steam is a very good way to treat clogged nose. Also, if he gets cold often then, you can try to take the hygiene a step up. Why dont you try to include some haldi milk in diet? it contains antioxidants which helps in building immunity. Aldo, try to keep a Dettol habd sanitizer at all times, to quickly clean hands (yours and babies) both.

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| Nov 09, 2018

you can give him steam to inhale because in cold children suffers from clogged nose

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| Oct 31, 2018

hi Preeti Mirchandani ! u could give a few spoons of Tulsi adrak chai and also try giving roasted haldi in milk. honey can also be tried with adrak extract.

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