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I have a 7 year old son, he is the only child. He feels lonely at times and complains what he can do as he has no one to play with especially during such difficult times when he can't go out. I feel guilty for not giving him the company of a sibling. What if he carries this feeling of having a void till he grows up? what can I do to tackle his feelings of loneliness?

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Updated on Jun 12, 2020

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| Jun 12, 2020

Hi Nikki ! I can absolutely understand what you are going through. The decision is up to you and your life partner whether to go ahead and have a second child or not, keeping all the parameters in mind such as age, health status, financial planning, risks involved etc. In case you do not plan to go ahead, you can develop a rapport by striking a balance between being a parent and a friend .plan age appropriate activities for him. Try and structure his day, involve him in house hold chores, make him connect with grandparents, cousins, friends etc online. also you can involve himself in his favourite pastime by taking an active interest in it. You could do a DIY activity with him or cook a dish. spend mealtime as family time. also quality time can be spent with the child by playing boards games, watching a movie together . I am sure with your active involvement he would not feel lonely and rather would feel loved and blessed. Hope this helps! Take care! Here is a video blog, you might find useful. Blogs-

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