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Meal plan for 13 month old toddler

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Created by Taruna Khanijow
Updated on Jan 15, 2014

My dear friends,       I am struggling with my daughter meal schedule now a days. She is 13 months old. Please suggest what should be the ideal meal routine for her so that she would have mix of everything (fruits, veggies, cereals, wheat, half litre milk, curd) everyday.   I can understand that we can not stick to exact time but it would be great help if you can specify time and meal item.       Thank you so much.   Taruna    

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| Jan 16, 2014

Dear Taruna, my son ate what we ate after around 1 year of age. I would make his food lightly spiced and roughly mashed with a fork. I would suggest that you not mix all the food and offer your child. You may cut/mash food into small chunks and keep them separately on a plate so that your child can see what she is given and will be tempted to try the different colours and textures. You may break rotis/puris/parathas into small pieces and offer your child. Encourage her to eat herself and make sure there is enough activity and a gap of a few hours between each meal and snack so that she is hungry for her next meal. Hope this helps :)

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| Jan 16, 2014

Hi you can give her oats/porridge/rawa etc those type of items with milk and fruits in it in the morning for breakfast. then give her a just 1 biscuit like a threptin just 2hrs before lunch. In lunch give her curd and your dal rice or roti n veggi n dal n curd, then evening snack give her milk and cookie or cornflakes. dinner give her again dal roti n veggie or rice n curd. remember the quantum should not be too much. feed her every 3 hrs so that she gets everything. Lunch or dinner dont give rice n roti both times. 1 thing at a time only. give little so that she doesnt waste and will also get all nutirents. this is what i do for my 18mn old toddler and he doesnt waste food at all. Do like my picture as well. Heheheh. thanks and all the best.

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