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my 2 years baby is not eating anything except plain parantha

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Updated on Aug 09, 2017

My baby is 2 years old now but he is not eating anything except plain parantha with vegetable. not eat even stuffed parantha. he dont like fruits paneer, filled prantha. he dont drink milk. not eat anything. he only wants my breastfeeding even after eating parantha. pls suggest me what i can do??

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| Aug 09, 2017

hi fellow parent... try giving him rava kheer.. nachani powder(satva) kheer... It tastes really good. If he is fond of eating with his on hands give hi.. palakm thepla instead of plain paratha. like .. methido make a powder of sukha khajoor(Kharik) and Badam.. add this powder to his kheer receipes .. It makes kheer more tasty and nutritious.. I hope this helps.. happy parenting..

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| Aug 10, 2017

You can give him soft dosa.. rava idli... Besan cheela ...give him khajoor and anjeer to eat.. give him namkeen dry snacks so that his tastes get developed for other things also... u can give rajgira chikki... til chikki.. I think your son likes to eat with his own hands only and these foods are all handy foods... but still 2 foods you feed with your own hands like dal chawal... dal roti... With ghee... otherwise your son will always want to eat handy stuff and that can cause problem for him and u as he must eat the regular food also which has to be fed to him... otherwise he will not eat these simple foods and u may have trouble if u go for weddings or somebodys place... everywhere u can't give him what he wants...

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| Aug 11, 2017

i had tried all things but no improvement. he dont eats anything idli dosa kheer biscuits toast rice, nothing. only plain parantha. he is not even tried to eat with his own hands. he dont pick anything with this hands. he eats only with my hands, not by his hands and nybody hands . he throw everything, i give him. i am tired by trying all methods but he is not ready to eat.

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| Aug 14, 2017

Hi Dr check this video, hope it helps you

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