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Created by Nancy
Updated on Dec 19, 2018

My son is getting overweight day by day. Earlier he was very weak but from last 7-8 months he is putting on so much weight. He is now 4. 9 years and his weight is26 kg. He is eating alot now. Earlier his diet was also very less .I m very much tense about his weight. kindly suggest what to do

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| Dec 19, 2018

hi Nancy! please consult a general physician or an endocrinologist to understand this sudden change in dietary pattern and eating habits. have u noticed any other change like lethargy, mood swings, depression, sleep related changes etc.. cut down on his intake of carbohydrates, instead give him salads ,fruits, sprouts etc which is filling as well as nutritious. also increase his protein intake by giving fish,3 to 4 eggs a week, home made paneer ,tofu etc.. reduce his intake of junk food, food made from refined flour and packaged food. help him become active by making him do cycling, playing in park or take up a sport of his choice. hope this helps!!

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| Dec 19, 2018

Hi Nancy , yes. weight and eating habits are correlated. there are various dietary guidelines for healthy weight lose in children and the first one is to gradually switch from high calorie food (especially ready-to-eat/packaged food) to a sort of food which is nutritive in nature but causes no additional fat. here is a great article by a nutritionist. do give it a read -

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