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Created by Shubha Prabhakar
Updated on May 02, 2017

Hi,two days back i joined my daughter to swimming classes because she wanted to join and from the day one she is crying a lot because of fear ,i really dont know wat to do , how do i motivate her she is of 4 yrs age

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| May 03, 2017

Thank u shikha and deepika for helping me out i would definitely try it out

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| May 02, 2017

Hi Shikha, This is a very tender age for them and we should mould it in a way that they should not realise that the fear in them and should motivate them in each and every step. Be it be at your home, in public , school , play we should motivate and support them. We should not push them to come out of their comfort gone. They should be doing it on their own. For the swimming classes i suggest you guys go and sit on the pool and make her watch other kids swimming.. While doing so talk about how fun it is to swim and how nicely the kids in the pool are enjoying.. for the first few days dont ask her whether she wants to swim. Just sit there with her for about an hour and go back home . Even at home show her some videos of kids enjoying at the pool. Prepare her mentally for swimming and then she will also overcome the fear and will start enjoying. After a few days ask her if she also wants to try it. And i am sure within a week she will ready. Hope this helps. I did it with my kiddo for his skating classes. And then onwards for any new activity before enrolling i will create his interest.

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| May 02, 2017

hi Shubha! I understand your concerns! phobia is one thing which is difficult to overcome by even us adults. she is just four years old. unless and until she is mentally ready to go for it, please don't force her. let her go to the class and watch other children for few days. it could take two days or a week or even 10 days time. be patient and keep watching alongwith her. she might one day on her own take a step ahead as this willingness will be there only if she is mentally prepared. hope this will help!

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