Surprise Birthday Party for my 8 year old Son


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Updated on Jul 05, 2013

Dear All,   Its my Angel's Birthday next week and I am tired thinking of what different thing to do this time. Basically I wan't to surprise him. I wish to organise a peppy little party and also pondering what should be a wonderful gift for him.   plz help.

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| Jul 09, 2013

This yr.... my hubby n son wear exactly the same outfit n shoes as well... eveyone in the party observed n apprecited the same. Duo were luking great.

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| Jul 07, 2013

U can give him a customized story book where he is the hero. www. customizedbooks. in

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| Jul 06, 2013

Thanks a LOT !! :)

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Parentune Support

| Jul 06, 2013

A very happy B'day in advance from all us at parentune Gaurima.

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Neha Netragaonkar

| Jul 05, 2013

Arrange for some games for him n his friends. U could involve his friends mommies as well. Decorate ur house or d party place n bring in d fun. As for d gift u could bring somthing that he really wanted for a long time.

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Shikha Batra

| Jul 05, 2013

Hi dear GAurima! U can organize a superhero theme party. Wherein u can invite all his friends an evening prior without his notice n ask them to be dressed up as their favorite superheroes.. U can arrange for a person who will be dressed up as a clown or his favorite superhero. As far as the gift is concerned U can buy ur son his favorite superhero's costume n any game related to the superhero. i hope my suggestion is an not old n tested one n u like it. All d best!

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