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What Precautions To Take While Going Out With Baby During Summer?

Janaki Srinivasan
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Updated on May 28, 2021

What Precautions To Take While Going Out With Baby During Summer
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With mercury soaring, it is necessary to keep your baby cool and comfortable. Of course, it is not possible to keep indoors at all times, because babies do need fresh air too. So, it is important to know how to dress and take care of your little one so that they don’t get restless with discomfort.

8 Must Have Precautions While Travelling with Baby In Summer

Here are some tips to keep in mind if you are planning to go out or travelling with your baby this summer.

  1. Food:

    The first thing that all mums are worried about when going out is food. Summer is a time when kids get particularly fussy and refuse to eat thanks to the rising mercury levels. If your baby is completely on breast milk, try to feed them often. If he/she has started on solid foods, it’s a good idea to step out after a meal and carry an extra cookie or fruits to use if need arises
  2. Water:

    Remember to keep your baby hydrated at all times. Carry boiled and filtered water wherever you go, even if it for a short walk close by. During the summer months, kids should drink at least 12 ounces of water to stay hydrated
  3. Clothes:

    It is very important to dress your baby according to the season. Of course, mums know this, but at times, we make mistakes in the choice of clothes. While taking the baby out, it is important to make them wear light, cotton clothes (that are loose) and if possible full pant/trousers so that we can safeguard them against insect and mosquito bites. It also serves to ward of tanning due to exposure of skin to heat. Remember, never to wrap your little one while taking them outside, especially during summer. It makes them extremely uncomfortable and could even cause rashes. Also avoid using synthetic clothes because that could cause sweating. If baby’s skin remains moist for long they could develop rashes. If your baby is still on diapers remember to change it frequently even if it is dry. It is important to change diaper every 3-4 hours to prevent rashes. Also, you could use a mild sunscreen while stepping out with the baby, but remember to consult this with your doctor. The sunscreen you use should have an SPF of 15 at least
  4. Use a Summer Friendly Baby Carrier:

    A combination of the mother’s body heat and the confined space within the carrier can cause discomfort to the baby. Make sure to go for a carrier made of nylon and avoid carriers made from heavy fabrics like denim. If your child’s face looks all flushed, remove him/her off carrier at once
  5. Time to Step Out With the Baby:

    If you must travel or go out with the baby, make sure either it is before 10 in the morning or after 4 in the evening. This prevents over exposure to sun because babies are extremely sensitive to sun’s rays. Particularly, between 10 am and 2 pm, going out with the baby should be strictly avoided
  6. Look Out for Shade:

    If you happen to visit a park or a beach with your little one, remember to sit under a shady tree or choose a tent or a canopy for protection against the heat. Of course, on a normal day we wouldn’t head to these places, but if we are traveling and have planned to visit a park/beach it is important to keep your baby safe
  7. Look out for Positive Signs of Discomfort:

    Most mums are not aware, but babies do not have fully developed sweat glands so there is no real way to know that they are warm beyond the comfort level. In such situations, we have to look out for signs that indicate baby’s discomfort such as baby isn’t his/her usual playful self, looks and sounds irritable, skin feels drier than usual, refuses to feed/drink milk, infrequent urination etc. These are warning signs that should not be ignored
  8. Avoid Buying Food/Drinks From Outside:

    Carry your own food and water when you step out with your baby. Avoid buying food and water from the streets particularly for your baby. And before feeding the food that you carry, make sure to taste it to ensure it is not spoilt

Summers are particularly hot in some countries but that’s no reason to stay indoors. With a little bit of care, you can enjoy and stay protected even during summers with your little one. Go ahead and have fun!

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