His Classmates Were Growing Taller than him - A Moms Worry

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His Classmates Were Growing Taller than him A Moms Worry

‘Worry’ – this five-letter emotion describes me best as a mother. Right from the moment I learnt that I was pregnant, till now – I constantly worry about my son’s (Sarthak, 4-years-old) well-being. And, I bet, if you are a mommy too, you can totally resonate with my sentiments!


My baby goes to a playgroup. One day we all mothers were grouped together to see our children play games such as musical chair, running and hop-hop. I was clapping and cheering with everyone else and suddenly I noticed that my boy was not enjoying to the fullest. Once the meet was over I spoke to his teacher and she told me that he seems to have some growth problems as all his playmates were taller than him; she suggested a dietitian right away. [Explore Healthy Foods & Activities To Help Child Grow Taller]


Like we know, parents play a very crucial role in a child’s life. I feel a child’s development is directly proportional to the quality of care provided. So, I consulted with a dietician and she told me that for an all-round development in a growing child, nutrition and activities play a vital role. The nutritionist suggested a diet plan for my son wherein milk was the most important element. Also, she mentioned that outdoor activities are very vital. So, instead of spending evening playtime at malls or lavish birthday parties, I preferred taking my son for running or hopping in the park. Trust me, I personally partook in all the activities with him, and it was so much fun! We played with sand, we hit the slide together, did money swings and soaked in all the fresh air of the park. Oh, did I mention, we did a lot of bird watching too?


Now, moving on to his eating habits, my boy sometimes can be a fussy eater. So, I try to include fresh, seasonal fruits and dry fruits in his daily diet. I also include soups, rice and dal khichdi, idli, upma, paranthas, eggs, fish and chicken in his daily meal plans to give him a balanced mix of carbohydrates and proteins. However, feeding veggies and milk to him is quite a struggle in my house. I have been trying to make him eat vegetables and milk regularly for a long time now, but I hardly get lucky with him.


I have been discussing this issue with my friends and close family members, and in one such conversation, I was told to try Horlicks Growth Plus. Horlicks Growth Plus was a nutritional


adjutant that could help my child catch up on lost growth . So, I started giving him 3 scoops of Horlicks Growth Plus mixed with milk every morning along with breakfast. In fact, on some days, I would give him this with hot water.


Now, I always thought that Horlicks Growth Plus was meant for grown-up children as we in our school days used to enjoy it a lot. However, this particular product is specially created for children who are 3+ years of age and are lagging behind on their growth .


This product really made a difference. This product is designed to naturally enhance growth   and support in weight gain without causing obesity. It contains nutrients like calcium, iron, Vitamin D, A and C. It also has whey protein and zinc that is known to support a child’s health and immunity! It comes in two flavours – chocolate and vanilla. He loves drinking it.


I am a little less worried today about his health now. I know he is in safe hands. Seeing him grow is so rewarding. I know that he is getting all the right ingredients he needs; additionally, he doesn’t fuss over drinking milk anymore! Can you beat that? Today, Sarthak is more active, energetic and cheerful.

If you are facing the same issue as I was, you can start giving this product to your child too. However, make sure you also couple it with a good diet and regular outdoor activity. Watching your baby grow is the most divine feeling in this world; so, make sure they grow right and create sweet memories that will last till the end of time.


Disclaimer: This content is supported by Horlicks Growth Plus. Horlicks Growth+, scientifically designed to support catch up growth .

1.With 96 grams a day for 6 months vs an unfortified beverage.

2.Clinically proven to help pre-pubertal children [boys (3-9 yrs) & girls (3-8 yrs) who are lagging behind in growth (height & weight) by shifting up their growth curve in 6 months. Will be beneficial only when there is good compliance to consumption.

3.May be marketed to healthy lean & short children who may be fussy eaters. It is a nourishing beverage to be taken as a part of balanced diet. 

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| Feb 16, 2018

I will try this!

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| Feb 16, 2018

Insightful! Thanks for sharing.

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| Feb 16, 2018

A good read!

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| Feb 16, 2018

Thanks for sharing.

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| Feb 14, 2018

Most important thing is hunger of child .it comes when he play outside more. which increases hunger nd also blood circulation. .

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| Feb 13, 2018

hi all

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