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How to Educate Child About World Water Day ?

Urvashi Shah
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Updated on May 07, 2019

How to Educate Child About World Water Day
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Human negligence is the cause of depleting water in the world, which is why millions of people are still far away from clean drinking water. The careless use of water by us is leading to scarcity of water in various parts of the world and hence the United Nations urges us to save water and make careful use of the same for the better of our future. World Water Day is celebrated on the 22nd of March every year on a global scale to enable people to value water. The ultimate purpose behind "World Water Day" celebrations are to encourage nature-based solutions to the water challenges confronted by us today. [Read - 8 Tips to Stop Water Wastage & Inspire Child to Save Water]

Damage to the environment, along with climate change accords to water crisis we see around the world today. On top of this, floods, drought and water pollution make the situation worse by degraded vegetation, soil, rivers, and lakes. As we are neglecting our ecosystem, we are making it tough to provide everyone with the clean water we need to survive on. Nature-based solutions have the potential to solve many of the existing water challenges. Some of them are, planting new trees, reconnecting rivers to floodplains and restoring wetlands, which will bring balance to the water cycle.

Why Do We Celebrate World Water Day?

We first need to understand how water plays an integral part in our live on a daily basis. In 2016, the United Nations declared the official theme for World Water Day to be, ‘Water and Jobs’, because of the fact that almost half of the world’s workers work in water-related sectors. It also focuses on how access to safe and clean water leads to a stronger economy and brings an increase in sustainable development.

This day is to appreciate how water plays a vital role in our daily activities, simply apart from quenching our thirst. It is estimated that in highly developed countries, the average person uses between 100 & 250 liters of clean and safe water per day for things like drinking, cooking, flushing toilets, doing laundry, bathing, cleaning, watering the garden, and more. That is more than 10 times as much water being used in some of the underdeveloped countries. World Water Day is a day to be conscious of how much water we use every day and to recognize how fortunate we are to have clean water every day at our disposal.

How to Educate Child About World Water Day?

Water conservation needs to be taught to children right from a young age so that they become in control of their habits and actions quickly. With various needs of water in our lives, from washing to scrubbing to drinking, children need to learn the importance of water in order to start saving it.

Here are ways that you can educate your child on World Water Day-

  1. Teach your child how much water is wasted when one leaves a tap on and brushes teeth. Instead, turn off the tap, do the brushing and then on it in order to wash off. See how much water is saved now?
  2. Teach your child to take quick showers. Encourage him/her to have a bucket bath instead of using the shower, which allows maximum wastage of water
  3. The recycled water can be used to water the plants, which again saves a lot of water for the day
  4. Teach your child to wash off the fruits and vegetables in a bucket of water and not under running tap water to save the same
  5. You can show your child different kinds of plants using different quantities of water for survival, ranging from the cactus to the Neem tree to understand the importance of water in the natural ecosystem

You can take your child to slums to show him/her how water is used sparingly since they have very little clean water available at their disposal to use on a daily basis. Show your child how the entire family manages on a few buckets of water to fulfill their basic needs. These tips to teach children about World Water Day will inspire your child to stop wasting water and start saving it right away.

Tips to Inspire Child to Save Water Right from World Water Day?

When it comes to water conservation, we need to begin from our homes and also include our young ones in the same. Teaching our children about preserving water right from a young age will help them in saving water for future generations. Help your child save water by following the below-mentioned tips-

  1. Turn off the faucets:

    While brushing teeth or scrubbing soapy hands, teach your child to turn off the faucet and not let the water go down the drain simply. Once your child is done brushing and washing hands, he/she can turn on the tap and use the required amount to wash off
  2. Tightly turn off the faucets:

    This important lesson is for you and your child. You need to make sure the faucets are tightly closed when water is not being used, in order to prevent and leakage
  3. Don’t flush often:

    This is an important task that your child needs to learn. Teach him/her not to flush the toilet every time when visiting for number 1, and simply put a jug or two after it. Only flush the toilet when visiting for number 2. This method will help you save gallons of water
  4. Watering the plants:

    Encourage your child to water the plants by using leftover water after boiling veggies, leftover water from the mugs and cups and so on. [Read More - How to Conserve Water Tips for Children?]


World Water Day Quotes on Saving Water

Here are some world water day quotes to get your water conservation spirit high on saving water 

  1. We never know the worth of water till the well is dry ~ Thomas Fuller
  2. We must begin thinking like a river if we are to leave a legacy of beauty and life for future generations ~ David R. Brower
  3. Every drop in the ocean counts ~ Yoko Ono
  4. The wars of the 21st century will be fought over water ~ Ismail Serageldin
  5. The destruction of aquatic ecosystem health and the increasing water scarcity are in my opinion the most pressing environmental problems facing humankind ~ Maude Barlow
  6. A little water clears us of this deed ~ William Shakespeare
  7. A river is more than an amenity, it is a treasure ~ Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr
  8. Rain is a blessing when it falls gently on parched fields, turning the earth green, causing the birds to sing ~ Donald Worster
  9. Life is water, dancing to the tunes of solids ~ Albert Szent-Gyorgyi
  10. I have little need to remind you that water has become one of our major national concerns ~ Ezra Taft Benson


This World Water Day, take a pledge to conserve water for the benefit of our future generations.

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