8 Dengue Prevention Home Remedies For Your Child

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8 Dengue Prevention Home Remedies For Your Child
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With the fall in temperature hardly countering the breeding of mosquitoes, dengue fever is on the rise. Even while the government takes measures to prevent dengue, we need to begin with our homes, and our surroundings to control mosquitoes. Elders and little children are more prone to infections due to their low levels of immunity. Read on to find out more about Dengue and what you can do to protect your loved ones.

What Is Dengue and Symptoms?

Dengue fever is a mosquito borne viral disease that spreads with bite of Anopheles mosquito. When the virus circulates in the human body with a bite, it takes 4 to 10 days for a symptom to occur in an infected person. The major symptom is the severe joint pain and due to the severity, it is also known as break bone fever.

General symptoms associated with dengue fever are..

  1. Your child has a high fever with chills up to 105 degrees
  2. Extreme joint pain
  3. Pain behind the eyeball is one of another important sign to watch out
  4. Many children show red and white patchy skin and rashes over body
  5. Abdomen pain and extreme weakness along with vomiting
  6. Migraine or headache

These symptoms can cause complications if unattended. Blood in vomit with profound weakness and breathlessness are signs of a medical emergency. Read More on Symptoms of Dengue

Why Dengue Is Dangerous For Your Child?

Dengue is spreading in every state in our country at a rapid pace. For every 6 + cases, there is a child.Here’s why children are prone to this dreaded illness.

  1. Parks and playgrounds:The infectious mosquito breeds mainly in parks, open areas or stagnant water. As children tend to play in these areas, they are frequent victims of the disease
  2. Schools:Schools have several areaswhere mosquitos breed.When one child is bitten, it’s just a matter of time before the virus spreads to others
  3. Low immunity: Very young children don’t have mature immune systems, and lack of proper nutrition, too, contributes to low immunity. This results in higher chances of being infected
  4. Clothing:The carrier of dengue i.e. Aedes mosquito is generally prevalent in day hours. They have their favorite spots to bite and those areas are mainly below elbow to hands and from knees to foot. When your child playsduring the day,wearing shorts for football or knee length track pants, they give enough space for insect to bite and infect

8 Home Remedies For Dengue Fever

No specific medicine has been proven to treat dengue completely. So Ayurveda has some solutions to control the symptoms. It is important to keep dengue patient well hydrated to better fight the disease. Unsweetened juices and nutritious soups are good for healing damage. Here are a few home remedies you can use for your child.

  1. Gilory leave(Giloh ke patte): This herb has been confirmed to be effective in controlling the symptoms.
    • Boil its stem in water with raw black pepper, till the volume of water reduces to half
    • Consuming it for couple of days is very helpful. It maintains the metabolic rate and increase immunity
  2. Papaya Leaves: The raw leaves of papaya have been found to be quite effective.
    • Extract juice of leaves directly without boiling
    • Sequence the papaya leaves for fresh juice and consume it 1 to 2 times a day. This helps in increasing platelets count
  3. Fenugreek leaves (Methi): Soak the methi leaves in water and drink the juice.
    • You can give your child tea made with fenugreek leaves
    • This reduces the fever, improves the chills in your child, and acts as sedative to ease restlessness. This can help your child sleep well, too
  4. Lemon Eucalyptus oil: This oil is a natural mosquito repellent and widely used by companies to make artificial repellents.
    • It has to be used in children above the age of 2 years
    • Either apply it over clothes or keep in house for its fumes. Mixing it with citronella and using as a spray really work well
    • Reapply after a few hours for better effect
  5. Lavender Oil:Another well-known mosquito repellent, lavender oil can be easily used around your house to repel breeding mosquitoes
  6. Turmeric(Haldi):One of the most commonly used spice for generations, turmeric is known for its ability to fight off infections.Turmeric mixed in milk boost metabolism andhasten the process of healing in patient
  7. Tulsi Leaves (Holy basil): Tulsi leaves are widely used in Indian homes as a medicinal and spiritual herb. When mixed in boiling water for preparing tea, it aids in fighting infection and promotes healing
  8. Black pepper(Kaali Mirch):Black pepper has antibacterial properties. Adding 2 gm of black pepper (solid) in boiled tulsi water is good for treating dengue. It can prevent complications, too

8 Ways To Prevent Dengue In Child

A child suffering from the illness is a painful sight for you, as a parent. Here are some measures that can help prevent dengue fever.

  1. Medicinal plants: Some plants such as Citronella,Catnip or Lemon grass, when placed inside house, keep the mosquitoes away.
    • Some plants help in treating migraine and headache
    • Citronella or lemongrass naturally repel mosquitos. They are used in commercial balms to make repellents
    • They can be added to the water used for mopping the floor to keep your house mosquito free
  2. Coconut oil: There seems to be no end to the benefits of this wonder oil!
    • Use coconut oil in your cooking
    • Apply coconut oilin areas that are prone to mosquito bites, such as below the knees to feet and down from elbow areas to hands
  3. Clothing:Dress your child in full-sleeved clothes with full tracks. This will reduce the exposure to bites
  4. Mosquito repellents:Artificial insect coils and repellents can be used in acute cases but preferably in mornings. This way, your child is not exposed to excessive fumes
  5. Natural repellents:Use natural repellents instead of chemical-filled repellents that may harm your child’s sensitive skin.
    • Pack neem leaves in a piece of cloth and place it in a corner of the room. Drops of neem oil when put over cardboard and kept around, do work
    • Mustard oil and Ajwain seeds can be combined for repelling mosquitos
    • Burning camphor or neem oil in earthen pots can be quite effective, too
  6. Basic hygiene and care at home: Keeping surroundings clean is the first step towards preventing breeding of insects.
    • Don’t allow clutter to build up in your home
    • Regular cleaning of corners is a good idea to prevent mosquitoes hiding
    • Get rid of breeding grounds.Keep a check on stagnant water in bird baths or pools
    • Your plants could be insect houses so avoid planting more pots in the months when dengue spreads
  7. Immunity building: Work on building your child's immunity.
    • A protein rich diet is best way to cure and prevent the platelet destruction in body
    • A non-vegetarian diet of meat, eggs and fish is a rich source of protein
    • For a vegetarian child, pulses,green leafy vegetables and milk products are good sources

These home remedies can help in preventing dengue from spreading, and in alleviating symptoms of the illness. However, if you do see any of the symptoms mentioned, do consult a doctor. Take these easy measures to prevent mosquitoes from breeding in your home and your immediate surroundings.

Did you find our blog on home remedies for dengue useful? If you have any more tips, do share them with us in the comments section!


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