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Winter Picnic Ideas Which You Can Enjoy with Your Child

Urvashi Shah
3 to 7 years

Created by Urvashi Shah
Updated on Nov 14, 2020

Winter Picnic Ideas Which You Can Enjoy with Your Child
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It is not an easy task to handle children outdoor, especially if they are restless and tend to run about here and there. If you are planning an outdoor picnic, you must first train your child or tell them how they don't want to run helter-skelter. Let us look at the ideas that you can embark up on to have a memorable time with your little family.

8 Winter Vacations or Picnic Ideas To Enjoy With Your Child

This winter you can enjoy picnicking with your child, be it in a park or in your backyard, the main idea here is to spend some quality time with your child and do ensure to protect your little ones from cold by wrapping them in warm clothes.

#1. Winter-park Picnic:

Don't let the weather stop you from having a fun day outdoor with your loved ones. If the weather turns out to be a bit chillier than you expected, you can take preventive measures for your child like carry an extra set of warm clothes – gloves, caps and mufflers add on to the winter charm. While your three-year-old may like to carry his or her favourite toy, encourage your older child to carry a football or something that you all can play as a family. A visit to the park with a few toys for your kids will surely bring out the fun side in them. Seeing their parents involve in their plays, kids tend to become happier and bond more. So make sure you are involved with your child to make the most of the day

#2. Backyard Picnic:

If you wish to not travel any far then simply create your own picnic spot in your backyard. This sure sounds fun as you can bring all the kinds of stuffs to play with for your child. Since it is your backyard, you can make the most of it by setting out a pool with lukewarm water so that the winters will not spoil your child's day in the pool. A tent can be put up too and you can invite their friends to have fun with. The best part about this picnic is that it can go for the entire day without you worrying since your child will be right in front of your eyes. And end the day with a little bonfire and some snacks for the parents as well. A great way to bond with each other and your child

#3. Movie Date Picnic:

What else can be a better idea than taking your child to watch his or her favourite movie? If an animated movie is upcoming in cinemas near you, plan a movie date with them which they will never forget. Want to score brownie points with your child? Don't forget to buy him or her favourite flavoured popcorns and you will be the best parent ever!

#4. Bathtub Picnic:

If you are tired and done with the clichéd picnic ideas then try out this one, right in your bathroom. If you can't go to a picnic, bring the picnic to you. Fill up the bathtub with lukewarm water and add bubbles to it. You can call in your child once you are done and surprise them with the same. Ask them to bring their bath toys along which will be a cherry on the cake. You can rinse off the mess once the picnic is over.

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#5. Visiting Grandma:

How about a picnic where fun and socializing come hand in hand? You can plan out a day visiting grandma. Once you complete your part of the role by taking them to their grandma, their grandma can begin with the next part by telling them stories and teaching them different kinds of games

#6. The Zoo Picnic:

An outing can become double the fun if your kids get to learn something. Taking them to the zoo can bring in curiosity within them while you can teach them about all the different animals and birds you spot in the zoo. Nature sure has its own way to bring fun and also teach the children

#7. Snowfall is fun in winters:

How about taking your child for his or her first snowfall experience and even if you don't get to see the snowfall you and your child can play in the snow. Make snowman or throw snow at each other. A great way to bond with your child

#8. Planting Happiness in Garden:

As parents you would want a picnic with your child not only to have fun but also to indulge them in some learning. With the academics taken care by the school, you can have your chance to teach your child about nature. If you have a garden or a backyard, you can plant small trees and plants and help your child learn about nature. This will surely instil the value of nature in your child and they will also learn about the different plants and trees along with their uses for mankind. While a picnic can be fun, you can always give back something to the nature for a better tomorrow


This winter you can enjoy picnicking with your child, be it in a park or in your backyard, the main idea here is to spend some quality time with your child and do ensure to protect your little ones from cold by wrapping them in warm clothes.

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| Dec 13, 2017

amazing ideas. spending time in backyard with extra later of clothes around the bonfire and spending a day with Grandma.. are my personal favorites.. will definitely give these suggestions a try.

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| Dec 14, 2017

Very nice

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| Dec 16, 2017

I really like the ideas... garden picnic with toys is nice one.. on a bright sunny day it can work

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